Commercial and Janitorial Dry Carpet Cleaning

There are a variety of methods for cleaning carpet, however, when it has to be done & dry in a short period of time, the answer is Carpet Dry Cleaning. Some Level Loop Commercial Carpets may still need to be Hot Water Extracted & those have no padding and are glued directly to the floor. 5 Star Floor Care has been doing Dry Carpet Cleaning in the Arlington, DFW, Dallas, Ft. Worth areas for years with exceptional results.

Unlike Wet Extraction or Bonnet Cleaning, the carpet never gets wet from the beginning. The Dry Cleaning process is fast; leaves a pleasant, fresh smell and lifts the knap of Cut Pile Carpet. This is a very forgiving process as you can walk on the carpet immediately after the process.

Quickly following the dry carpet cleaning process, you can have a gathering or throw a party and the carpet will be dry!

Expensive Oriental or Persian Rugs can be quit the investment. In the beginning, this Dry Cleaning process was designed for cleaning these types of rugs. Rug cleaning companies used to have to come to a business and pick up the rugs, then take them in store for the cleaning process. 5 Star Floor Care can clean these rugs in an hour in place without the fuss of pick- up and delivery.  These precious rugs never leave your site!

Also, don’t forget to ask about replacing your carpets.  Eventually, even with dry cleaning those carpets regularly, carpets need to be replaced. We can match or even beat most quotes on floor installation & floor care.