Ceramic Tile Grout Cleaning

There’s no secret to cleaning grout. There are several ways to remove the dirt, and oils that catch the dirt that discolor your grout. We can treat the grout chemically and then scrub it out, we can steam it out, and we can pressure wash it after treating it chemically. All these methods work but then the grout has to be sealed and cleaned regularly to maintain its color.

“All Grout Will Get Dirty Again.”

Depending on the traffic in the home or facility grout is a never ending battle to keep looking good. To prevent the grout from appearing dirty again, there are steps you can take to minimize discoloration such as Staining and Sealing the Grout with a single product. These before and after pictures show the dramatic effect of this procedure.

Customers tell us, “We feel like we have just put down a new floor.”

It is less costly than re-cleaning the grout when it starts getting discolored in the traffic lanes. This process tends to work well but again, as long as regular cleaning takes place. The cleaning and sealing is less expensive than removing the old grout and replacing it with new grout with the sealer already in it.

There are many options to stay on top of the aesthetics of your tile floors and we at 5 Star Floor Care can give you many options to keep your tile floors looking beautiful.

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