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Epoxy coating may be used on floors that receive heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

Epoxy coating may be used on floors that receive heavy foot and vehicle traffic.

An epoxy coating is a type of thick protective material that’s used to cover things, anything from floors and major appliances to small electronics, to protect them from damage or wear. 5 Star Floor and More uses epoxy concrete coatings for garages, driveways, warehouses, patios, kitchens, bathrooms or any concrete floor where durability is needed.

There are many different types of coating available, but almost all are made of epoxy resins, a chemical class of materials more formally known as polyepoxides. Along with being very durable, these resins are also usually resistant to things like rust and chemical corrosion, and as such are popular in a number of different industries and for many different uses. Most are also relatively easy to use. They typically start out as either a concentrated liquid or powder that manufacturers blend, then paint or spray over the surface to be coated. In most cases drying time is relatively quick and reapplication is seldom if ever necessary. ~ www.wizegeeks.com 

What are the Different Types of Epoxy Flooring? by www.wizegeeks.com

There are many different types of flooring that are made from epoxy, ranging from industrial floor-coating to tiles made from epoxy-based materials. Epoxy is a thermosetting polymer that produces a hard plastic when a liquid polymer resin and a liquid hardening chemical are combined. These two liquids are mixed and the epoxy poured over a base material or existing flooring to create a thick coat of plastic. Generally, epoxy flooring can be split into two categories: a durable protective coating for existing floors such as wood or concrete and a flooring material made entirely of epoxy.

Epoxy flooring is a popular choice for industrial applications because it creates a surface that is impervious to many chemical spills and other industrial flooring wear. Materials such as sand, color chips, or other hard plastic can be mixed with the liquid epoxy so that the flooring has traction. Quartz sand is most often mixed with the epoxy to create a nonslip floor for food processing industries. There are also epoxy floors with anti-static properties for use in industrial areas like laboratories or electronics manufacturing where sensitive electronic equipment can be damaged by electrical charge.

While many people think of epoxy as a clear coating, many types of flooring made from epoxy are opaque. In both industrial and home applications, pigments can be mixed with epoxy flooring to create a solid opaque color. Chips or large particles of plastic in contrasting colors can also be mixed with the epoxy to create a marble look. These types of colored epoxies are often used in high-end garages in private homes or to create logos on floors in industrial applications. This type of epoxy flooring is called mortar epoxy, graveled epoxy, or epoxy terrazzo.

While it may be most commonly used in public buildings and industry, epoxy flooring is becoming popular with homeowners. There is an epoxy application for every room in the home. Tiles made from epoxy can be laid in the kitchen, entryway or other areas of the home that see heavy traffic, and a clear epoxy coating can be poured over tiles or prepared hardwood floors. Usually, epoxy flooring is most commonly applied in garages as a sealant for concrete. If a homeowner is interested in applying an epoxy floor coating in a home, he or she can contact an epoxy flooring company such as 5 Star Floor and More.

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