Many Ways to Use Polyaspartic Coatings for Concrete Floors

We use Flexmar Polyaspartic Coatings in the Dallas, Fort Worth areas mainly for our car dealerships, restaurants, offices, warehouses, schools, garages and residential floors because we feel they are the best!

Flexmar polyaspartic floor coatings are durable. In fact, they’re so durable that you can park airplanes on them, spill mild acids on them, and expose them to mother nature’s most brutal elements, and the floor will look as good as it did the day it was installed!

So don’t worry about food splashes and spills, heavy foot traffic, damage from falling dishes or abrasion from sliding chairs. In fact, Flexmar polyaspartics are four times more durable than epoxy coatings, acid stains, and other competitive systems.

And for all that durability, our polyaspartics require minimal maintenance—simply dry sweep and wet mop as needed. No wax to strip and re-apply, no grout to seal and repair, and no special cleaning agents required.” ~

Please contact us if you think that one of these concrete floor coatings might be the right choice for your floors.  Estimates are free and we have a long list of satisfied clients in the DFW areas that will give us a great recommendation.

Below are just a few examples of this dynamic concrete floor coating in action:

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