Why 5StarFloorCare uses Flexmar Polyaspartic Floor Coatings!

5StarFloorCare uses the Flexmar Polyaspartic Floor Coatings for all our decorative concrete, garage finishes, commercial and residential concrete flooring projects in the Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding DFW areas.

Here’s why………

  1. It offers the best commercial concrete floor coatings we’ve ever seen or applied. 
  2. We like how it looks on a concrete garage floor.
  3. It offers long term great appearance on outdoor decorative concrete walkways and patios.





Flexmar’s website has created very professional videos that show how it is done and examples of the best places to have polyaspartic concrete coatings applied. It can be done as a “do it yourself” kind of project, but we highly recommend hiring a company like 5StarFloorCare to use the commercial tools & coatings already in our ownership.

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