Top 5 Reasons to Replace Old Carpet with Polyaspartic Concrete Floors

Isn’t it time to replace your old carpet with something exciting and new! 5 Star Floor Care suggests the polyaspartic concrete flooring and here’s why………

  1. The polyaspartic concrete floors are easy to clean and keep clean.  Hot water with a little dish soap and clear ammonia works well to clean the coated concrete floors.
  2. Polyaspartic concrete floors can be as unique as you want them to be with artistic drawings, decals or various paint colors to choose from.  Your child’s bedroom floor can become a “bottom of the sea” with exotic fish, or “the night’s sky” with glowing planets.  The creative ideas are endless!
  3. Concrete floors in the hotter months, especially in the DFW areas, help keep the rooms cooler.  In Texas, we experience more hot months than cold, so keeping the house cool is more common and much needed.
  4. Removing old carpet can help with allergies.  Carpet over time, even with the best cleanings, will harvest dust mites, animal dander and pollen from weeds and grass.  The hard surface concrete floors are better for keeping the allergies out and keeping things clear of dust mites.
  5. No carpets, means no more stains!  With the polyaspartic concrete coatings, there is no such things as stains, everything wipes up with ease.  These floors stay beautiful, stain free, and durable for many years.

We could probably give 5 more reasons why we think you should remove that old carpet and have new concrete floors instead, but that might be a little long winded.  If the concrete floors are not appealing to you, but you see why removing old carpet is important to your health, please talk to us for other alternatives, like carpets that are “green”, or low maintenance carpets that we could install.  We do more than just concrete floor coatings, we do any kind of floor care & floor installs; including carpet, tile, wood and vinyl.