What Is Polyaspartic Floor Coating & Where Is It Most Used?

 Polyaspartics are polyureas, but not all polyureas are polyaspartics.
The name polyaspartics has recently become popular among formulators in the industry due to the need to differentiate it from polyureas and polyurethanes. Versatile alters their chemical makeup as necessary to provide the best coatings available for most applications.

By definition, a polyaspartic is an aliphatic polyurea because it is the reaction of an aliphatic polyisocyanate with a polyaspartic ester, which is an aliphatic diamine. This definition may be more than you bargained for so we suggest you either look at the videos showing how it is applied or go visit some of the restaurants where we’ve done the concrete floor coating.

Some of the most common environments for polyaspartic floor coatings are restaurants and garages.  We’ve done a few “man caves” which we demonstrated on a previous blog and we’ve recently finished up a restaurant, Red Barn BBQ in North Richland Hills, Tx.  They really have our best quality polyaspartic restaurant floor coating that we would love for you to go visit and check out.

There are plenty of videos that show the Polyaspartic Floor coatings being done in action and it could be a “do it yourself” project, although, it is quite the process if you are not the “do it yourself” type.  That’s why we provide polyaspartic floor coatings at an affordable price.  Please call for a FREE onsite quote today and let us beat our competitor’s prices!!